"We Fit EVERY Body!"

For 20 years, I have offered my custom design and sewing services to the public.    I make clothing and costumes for men and women, custom designed and personally fitted.  If it would not embarrass me to show it to my mother, and if it does not defy the laws of physics, I can make it.   I can work from sketches or photos, as well as patterns.

I welcome  clients of all sizes and lifestyles.  My goal is to construct a garment that is comfortable and aesthically pleasing for you.   I am experienced in unusual fit and super (6XL and up) sizes.

I am dedicated to quality materials and construction, so that your garment should give you years of delightful wear.   I work from measurements, and prefer to do at least one fitting on the client before delivery. In addition, I take care to book orders to allow me sufficient time to complete them while maintaining high standards of work.

My sewing room is smoke free, but it does have two cats who sleep there during the days while I work. If you have cat allergies, I can take special steps during the construction of your garment to keep exposure to cat dander at a minimum. I run an Austin triple air filter to eliminate possible allergens from the air. Rest assured that your satisfaction with your custom garment includes freedom from nicotine and other allergens.


If you need any additional information or have any questions, please call me 512-445-3429 or email me at contact@sewfits.com. I look forward to sewing for you!




3005 S. Lamar Blvd St D109-213 - Austin, TX 78704 *Note: this is NOT the physical addressof my workshop!
1-888-SEW FITS - 512-445-3429 E-mail: contact@sewfits.com

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